Together with video-journalist Johnny Harris and his team I worked on a completely new Art Direction for his internet content, which we started implementing in Mid-2022.​​​​​​​
I set up a complete map animation solution, creating the styles from the ground up with map tools such as Mapbox and GeoLayers. I created intuitive, flexible rigs to animate camera moves, sketch borders, areas and tag places according to the style.
Here is a small gallery with samples
And a few examples on Johnny's channel (note that I didn't animate these, but provided only the templates, guide and art direction)

Many different use-cases in the intro (0:00-2:17) and throughout the entire video

Particularly the first 30 seconds

Another section (until 5:57)

After the early development and concept phase, I was responsible for creating multiple Notion boards including examples, documentation, tips and tutorials for anything design-related that would come up in Johnny's content (Typography, Maps, Colour and an array of animated elements, rigs and titles)
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